Whistler Day #1!


It’s opening day in Whistler so we decided to make it our opening day too! Welcome to Bae de Shred!

Wondering why we called ourselves that? Honestly sometimes we wonder too. It all started with a post from Jerry of the Day where someone was ‘gettin’ tha shot for bae’, and just so happened to really kick off one fine spring day when I was trying to get a shot of Dan and Lu together and kept yelling ‘get da shot for bae’. We were laughing hysterically, and ever since it’s just kind of stuck. Totally nailed the photo by the way.

Now we want you all to know that this blog is REALLY SERIOUS about snowboarding, this is serious business about serious snowboarding and we hope you enjoy our posts and find some useful info in them but in the end please keep in mind #itsonlysnowboarding.

It’s day 1 on the hill and I’m stuck at work while Lu is out ripping and it’s hard not to feel like I’m missing out, but as my friend and I discussed last night it’s just snow and we live here, it’s not going anywhere. I have priorities in life and right now I’m busy adulting at my full time job that I love. Things could be worse!

Now Lu can fill you in on how opening day was!



Day 1 started with a 5:30am wake up call, with my friends and I arriving at the Whistler gondola line up at 6:30am. In the line up was Daniel, Dan & Finney. We had some coffee from Lift Coffee and waited patiently, talking crap until the gondy started turning.

Once we got up at 9:00am, we took our first turns down and around Emerald Chair, enjoying the fresh pow turns and white rooms (what?!?!) along the way. After a few more laps around Emerald chair (including an awesome pow line through one of our favorite, less traveled spots), we caught up with another friend named Andy, and then soon after our other friends Poncho & Brittany joined us as well.

It was a great day of friends, fun, snow and luckily – even some pow!


Here’s a little shreddit

Opening Bae at Whistler was a blast!

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