Insoles are a girls best friend


Just thought I would update on the situation with my feet:

After deliberating about getting new boots for a while, and trying them on again… I felt like I could have downsized half a point in the Ride Cadence, but they don’t make the boot in a 5.5. I felt like the 6 would pack out and be too large and I was already maxing out the boa system so I turned to the Whistler Winter 2016/2017 facebook group for advice. At this point I was ready to hear it all, and boy did I ever!

I received an overwhelming response to say the least, I think with expanding the comments there were over 200 posts. Some advice was silly, some I had already tried, some was very specific, and of course everyone thinks they know exactly what is wrong and everyone’s a doctor. I even got some clinical professionals from the city offering to see me if I was able to make it down. The fact that this many people chimed in and cared was pretty awesome, I live in a great place for sport related injury/pain and recover! and to top it off the community support is incomparable.


I read it all and chose a few things I would start with. I went to Whistler Physio to get RMT from Dina and Physio work done by Andrea. I have quite a bit of scar tissue in the right ankle from a sprain 4 years ago. The left ankle I broke 8 years ago but that seem not to cause me any problems.

here’s a shot of my bad ankle hooked up to some juice!

I’ve started a stretching routine for my calves, and range of motion for my ankles, as well as incorporating ankle strength training at the gym on occasion.

I went to one of the local ski and board stores here called Comor to get my boots checked as well. These guys have been beyond helpful and caring, they spent 2 hrs making me new posted soze footbeds and we shot the shit about boots, pain, snowboarding in general, and I got to pet and hang out with the shop dog Khyber who is a real cutie.

I went up the hill the Sunday following all these things and saw a major improvement already! I think it was mostly due to the posted footbed but I changed too many things at once to truly know what made the difference. Either way I got in 5 decent runs with manageable pains instead of crippling ones, I went home with a smile on my face instead of tears and feeling really shitty for once. This alone was worth any effort and money invested in this journey so far.

I have some tweaking to do with the footbeds, my bindings, and some more physio and RMT booked this week. The new pains feel more sharp and more directly in the center of the ankle and could be caused by the binding straps, or my lack of dorsiflexion.

Looking forward to continued improvements!!! Stay tuned for more updates next weekend.


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