Review : DC Telegraph 16/17

148 DC Telegraph

The Telegrah’s true twin shape pairs Traditional Camber with a forgiving flex to create a stable yet pressable platform for progression in the park. Snowboarders everywhere love traditional camber because it naturally offers explosive ollies and powerful turns by inherently loading up the tip and tail.women-snow-experience-boards


POWER WORDS: sharp, playful, responsive, powerful, fun, stable, speedy, nimble, agile, light, cuts like a knife feels so right, spin, fly, soar like an eagle.



I’m giving it a 5 out of 5!!

5’2″ Female ~ 130lbs (daily board: 148cm) size 5 W boots

My experience and history with DC as a snowboard brand has been nothing  but positive. I first demo’ed the DC Ply back in 2013 in Australia. Immediately I loved the board, but had recently just purchased a different board, so I didn’t want to fork out more money for another one so quickly. It wasn’t until March of 2014, after moving to Whistler, I found the DC Ply in my preferred size (146cm) on sale – it goes without saying that I snatched it up real quick! I still have the Ply, and I still love the board, but when it was time for an upgrade, I decided that I just wanted to stick to good ‘ole regular camber, with an upgrade to a faster, sintered base. The Telegraph looked like a great choice for what I was looking for, from a brand I liked and would recommend.

Last season, only one store in Whistler was carrying the womens’ DC Snowboard range, including the DC Telegraph. I was incredibly interested in the idea of this board over the 15/16 season, however I could not see myself riding a 148 length board for my daily driver. By the time October 2016 rolled around, I still couldn’t get the board out of my head and so I threw caution to the wind and purchased this season’s DC Telegraph, brand new in store. Without ever demoing or knowing too much about the board, I just knew that the idea of this board is what I wanted. I took the chance and decided to go with the 148, hoping that I was ‘strong’ enough to size up again.

Thankfully, it has been everything I’d hoped for and more. Surprisingly, I have not noticed or seen any other Telegraph’s around Whistler yet this season. According to store employees, the other lengths of the Telegraph they had for sale sold really fast – and mostly to people who seemed to mainly like the graphics (which, I must say are a super added bonus, as I love them!). I don’t make a point of purchasing boards just based on the graphics alone, but if I did…this one would rate very highly in my opinion!

Now, the only downside (if I was to be fussy), is that the topsheet is super delicate. It is a woodgrain topsheet and it seems that as soon as someone taps the back in the lift line or something, then a bit of the topsheet chips off. For me, it’s not a HUGE deal (as I’m lucky enough to ‘upgrade’ boards every season or two), but if you are looking for something that lasts in 10/10 condition (topsheet-wise) for a while, then this would be a factor to consider.

Otherwise, I really can’t complain. I’m giving it a 5/5, personally. It’s fast, nimble, super light (especially paired with my 2016/2017 Union Trilogies) and just a lot of good fun! I’m looking forward to riding this model, (so long as they don’t change any of the construction!) for a while!

This is a really underrated board, and with DC not currently seeming to have any pro-level or sponsored women riders on their team  representing the Telegraph (that I could find), it’s a shame that more ladies aren’t racing out there to buy this one (like other brands and models that you see 1000’s of each season!).

DC Telegraph – it’s a winner!



I’m giving it a 5 because I love carving and boards I can manhandle.

5’3″ Female ~140lbs (daily board: 149cm) size 6 W boots

This board is damn fun and highly under-rated. It’s the hard working and under appreciated snowboard you never knew you needed until we wrote this review. If you like tearing down groomed runs with a smile on your face you need to try this thing! It’s light and nimble, poppy and fast, it’s flexible which makes it feel more fun and maneuverable, if you’re a strong rider you can kind of slam it around as you please and it will hang on and follow you wherever your heart desires.


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