I moved to Whistler in 2013 from Australia. I lived in Squamish for one year then moved to Emerald, Whistler. I work for a local guiding company making sure people have good ski and snowboard trips and courses.

  • Absolutely kills it on a board
  • Always challenges herself
  • Very progressive
  • She has the most fun, always, except for when she doesn’t
  • knowledgeable and opinionated about gear and snow related things
  • Always has great style and somehow always finds the best deals
  • Her nickname is BigBigBootyJudy, keep your eyes peeled for her stickers all over whistler
  • Specializes in mad carves, high speeds, spins, and highfives.
  • She smashes it in the gym picking stuff up and putting it down!
  • Her husband Dan is pretty cool too. I think I’ll keep them!


I moved to Whistler from Ottawa or more specifically a small town called Mont Cascades. I work full time in a local sign shop doing large format printing creating custom signs, banners, art, and more. I live in Alta Vista but Nordic is the neighborhood that has my heart!

  • She can always “get da shot for bae”
  • Fastest and smoothest style of all  lady shredders ever met
  • equally obsessed about snowboard gear, and that makes me feel more ‘normal’
  • great style both on and off the hill. As a really talented Graphic Artist & Designer, she has an amazing eye for aesthetics.
  • She is super relatable and tells it like it is.
  • Genuine and a real character
  • There are always hijinks with her around
  • Zoe loves necktubes and hoods and is a bit of a connoisseur


A Recount of how we met

icon_zoe2The first time we met was by ‘recommendation from our mutual friend Suze through the powers of the internet’. I headed down to meet Lu in Squamish for a summer time work out on her deck and I stayed for dinner, becoming fast friends!


icon_lu4I was new to the Whistler area and pretty much knew no one when I arrived in March 2014. Coming all the way from Australia, I must admit I was a bit timid and anxious about what the upcoming seasons would bring, but after meeting Zoë, I knew I’d have nothing to worry about.

Although we first met in the summer of 2014, I feel like our ‘shredship’ really hit off during the 2014/2015 season. I still vividly remember the first day we went riding together. You know that moment when you take your first run with a new potential shred friend? We’ve all been there…the doubts of “will I be good enough”, “will they be good enough”, “do I look ‘cool’ enough in this get up” etc. etc. …well, I needn’t have worried.

We took off from the chairlift and watching Zoë’s effortless style – almost skate-like – was awesome. I recall looking over to Dan with a massive grin on my face to say: yep. Zoe and I will get along juuuuuuust fine!

icon_zoeAnd I also remember the day vividly. The first time we rode together I was blown away, I don’t often find girls who share a similar riding style and I know she says I’m fast but hell I could barely even keep up! My legs were crying we had so much fun connecting this first time out riding together. Now we feed off each other on the hill so much I can’t imagine a season without her there by my side. She’s been an inspiration and huge motivation in my life in such a short time and I really enjoy our lengthy chats about gear, snowboarding, and the highs and lows that come along with living in Whistler.

icon_lu3Apart from her amazing shredability, Zoë is also an incredible friend. Something that will always stay with me, was the day I broke my wrist (more on that another time, perhaps?), rather than going back up the hill to ride, she stayed with me all day in the hospital, kept me company and even managed to keep me laughing. Zoe is really loyal, pretty wild and super funny & entertaining. All great qualities in both a snowboarding friend, but also a life-long friend as well.

hr_1We hope you enjoy our posts as we bring some of our insights to the internets!


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